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WTB: '11 or '12 Evora 2+2

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So, I'm back. After two Exiges I thought I could lead a boring normal life driving boring normal cars but that was, well, boring.

I'm looking for a 2+2 Evora, S or NA, '11 or '12. I'd prefer a '12 with the improved shifter, better interior, etc. but as always depends on price delta between the 11 and 12. Prefer manual over IPS.

Most colors are ok with the exception of starlight/motorsport/phantom black, chrome orange, light silver/gray and purple. Top preference to aspen white, carbon gray, ardent red with forged anthracite or satin gunmetal wheels. Should have forged wheels but will make exception for the right car :) Can I ask that it has some warranty left also? I have looked online at some of the "China Cars" if the dealer has info online, but figured I'd reach out here as well.

Lastly, if not an S car, must have sports pack/sports ratio gearbox if not standard for the year (but I think sports ratio became standard on NA in 11?)

If I haven't nitpicked enough, thanks for reading this far and let me know what's out there :D

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I am considering selling my 12 Evora S. As I am moving into a new place without a garage and I do not want to leave the Evora outside. Details are:
Color - Canyon Red (its the only 12 in this color per certificate of Provenance)
Ash grey leather
Premium Pack
Tech pack w back up camera
Less than 4000 miles

ley me know if you need more info
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