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Hey Mark,

I'm looking to sell my Type 72d, but haven't posted it online yet.

Here are some quick bullets about the car:

  • 2007 Elise Type 72d
    I'm the original owner and it was purchased new in 2010 (it's number 49 of 50 and I was told that the dealer received the car in late 2008 and it was on display in the showroom until I purchased the car).
    The car is all original and has only 4,500 miles on it.
    Only serviced by my local Lotus dealer.
    It's fully loaded, including the track package, but has never see a track :)
    Garaged its whole life, even when I occasionally take the car to work.

I'm located in Santa Clara, CA (45 min south of San Francisco)

Check out the pics below and let me know if you have any questions.


I looked at the California before I bought my car and it's actually considerably slower due to the extra weight. Little known fact, but Lotus actually advertised the Type 72d to have a slightly faster 0-60 time than the base model and it is supposed to be lighter despite the full interior.

Here are some more photos:


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