I just picked up my 2005 elise and was looking to fix a few broken / missing pieces to get it back to 100% Hoping someone has these lying around their garage before I order from Lotus.

hardtop velcro rear mount corner covers, dont care about condition of the liner. I believe the PN for these are A138V4380J and A138V4379J respectively/​
rear view mirror, mine is very loose and will loose its adjustment on bumpy roads. I believe the PN is A120U6009F (may also be open to an aftermarket option) Bought, thanks!
drivers side sil panel mine has a small crack. is this from sitting on it to enter the car? I believe the PN is B121U0119F​
cover for the access panel on the passenger side above the sil. I believe that the PN is C121U0035F​
Front left grill I believe the part number for this one is G117B0117F​