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WTB Blaupunkt Acapulco or similar radio

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So, a few years ago I upgraded my Elise to a Becker Mexico and sold my Acapulco...

Now, regretting that I am looking for an Acapulco or similar lower end DIN radio for a new project, a ROW spec Land Rover d90 diesel which will be the beach runner, fishing vehicle, etc. Sound quality is not key as it will be drowned out by the clatter and tire noise.

thanks, w
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I think I have the one I pulled out of my '05 in a box along with the stock speakers. I'll try an look tonight. I will be out of town all of next week for Spring Break.

Jeff B
Have one sitting here that I pulled a couple of weeks ago.

It has a couple of scratches on the bezel where it looks like the PO tried to remove it.

Make me an offer.



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lol i think pretty much everyone has an MP54 sitting around somewhere...
yup - mine is sitting around in my's not often you will find a car coming stock with such a level of quality in the head unit...:facepalm
Blaupunkt Los Angeles

I have a Blaupunkt Los Angeles I removed from an '05 Elise a few weeks ago.
It is available.
I have a Blaupunkt Detroit available. It cost $200 new and now, it has a broken faceplate and is worth less than a penny!

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