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WTB: ELISE 2006 "Canadian model'

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Looking to finally get into an Elise after many years of working hard and saving money. My time should be around end of 09 to early might be early to put this tread online but if your willing to part with your Elise within the next year keep me in mind. Favorite colours are AR, AW, LB. Would prefer the Sport pkg and Tour pk, but no need for a hard top.
Enjoy your cars this summer and drive safe.
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Let me know when it's time to go shopping :wave: I'll be glad to help you look at some cars

Thank You Tass...ur the best.
U'll be the first I call.
i work at 48 and 16th but live at scarb t/c
more then likely my time will be late 09 so let me know ladies and gentlemen
My 2006 CO is for sale.

PM sent.
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