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Looking to convert my RHD Lotus Exige to LHD.

If you are going to sell your car in parts, please contact me.

Here are some of the parts I need:

2st A082W6505F Plastic Fastener, tunnel fix
1st A117U0165F Cover, tunnel front, LHD
1st A120B0169F Seat Mounting Frame, passenger, LHD
1st A120U0027F Deflector, footwell, LHD
1st A120U0125S Cover, gear lever/parking brake, traction control, LHD
1st A120U6010F Mounting Plinth, interior mirror
1st A120V0245F Embroidered Footmat Set, Exige, LHD
1st B111A0069F Mounting Bracket, front tunnel to toeboard
4st B121U0117F Clip, cover to dash panel DER 001 A (004)
1st A117P0022F Hose, heater inlet, LHD
1st A117P0024F Hose, heater outlet, LHD
1st B121U0115F Dash Panel Lower/stowage shelf, LHD
1st E121U0041F Dash Panel Upper/stowage shelf, LHD
1st B111A0102J Passenger footrest, LHD
1st A111A0104F Driver footrest, LHD
1st A117M0103F Wiper Drive assembly, LHD
1st A117H0053F Steering Rack, LHD
1st B122U0011K Cover Wiper Motor, LHD
1st B117P0041F Air distribution plenum, LHD

Thank you!
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