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MISSION COMPLETED SUCCESSFULLY! Thanks to everyone involved.

I got my mojo back :)

Original post below:

Let me tell you a little story.

There is this guy, living in Atlanta, who got the opportunity to drive an elise and from the point on was sold :bow:. He looked for "his" elise for several months and in September of 2010 he found an awesome :UK: example in Portland Oregon - '05, Yellow, pristine, 6K miles. He took possession of the car, drove it to the shipping yard and thought to himself, "do I really want to hand this over to a stranger after owning it for just an hour?" and summarily did a 180 and drove back to Atlanta himself. Top speed was achieved 30 minutes later. :no:
After 18 months he had :shift: that elise for over 55,000 miles like a :evil: until he, while sitting still at a stop sign,:confused: was run over-eek- (not into) by a Dodge Ram truck which right front tire crushed the front of and totaled the elise:panic:.

That guy is me :)

Now I am ISO my next elise. I'll fly out and test drive and/or pick it up from anywhere in the continental US. I'm not looking for a show car (although I'm sure I wouldn't mind) but rather a daily driver / touring / autox / track day car.

1. Clean Title (no that means clean)
2. Cold A/C (the only thing I missed)
3. No electrical problems
4. All services up to date
5. Catalytic converter (unfortunately)

Please PM at your convenience

"In life there is racing and waiting to race."
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