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I am looking for an 05 or 06 Elise. I live in VA and would prefer east coast, but if the car was exactly what I wanted I would travel to get it.

I am looking for an Elise and it has to have Sport Susp, Hard Top and StarSheild. I would prefer to not have the touring pack, but if the car is just what I wanted it every other way I would consider it. I do not want a car with a lot of mods as I will be doing this myself to my specific desires. I also would require it have the silver/alum LSS wheels as I do not like black rims.

I would rather have a higher mileage car as I plan to do some mods and drive the heck out of it and knowing the Toyota motor is has I am sure it would be fine. I do not need a car with 3K miles on it or something like that as I will be putting mileage on it on a daily basis.

The color choices are below
#1- Mag Blue
#2- White
#3- BRG
#4- Canyon Red
#5- Ardent Red

Please email me at [email protected] if you have one for sale. You can also PM me.

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