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WTB HEADERS, decat, larini se dual tip, BOE rev300 or rev400 ,aluminum rad, Wheels

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Im a big fan of reusing parts instead of buying new. Due to a recent run in with a tire I am in the rebuilding phase with my lotus. Im looking for all kinds of stuff. Sector 111 micro mirror, a boe supercharger kit, header (either bwr or larini), decat pipe to fit above, larini se dueal tip, nice front splitters, clams, aluminum flywheel and clutch setup (clutch would have to be like new to make that worth while). Im looking for wheels either in mint shape with mint tires or beat wheels that I can powder coat(rashed ok. not bent) I figured id throw this up here before I order it all knew and see if anything is floating around.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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