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WTB: Lotus (Elise or Exige), Savage/Clear, Any Color, Any Mileage - Max $20,000 CASH

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I'm looking for Lotus Elise or Lotus Exige. I have no problem with Salvage or Clear titled. I do not want a vehicle where I have to do repairs or bring it to the body shop. The year have to be at least 2005. Any mileage is fine. Any color is fine. I have up to $20,000 cash to get the car.

Most are laughing right now but please do not reply if you're going to post something negative. I am a fan of Lotus but I'm not the type of person who buy a car and leave it in the garage just for the look or excitement. I'm actually going to drive it as my daily normal car, to work, to Walmart to get groceries, etc. I dont want a brand new car and do financial payment on it and baby it. (Finance payment car = not yours).

I am seeing many Savage title around eBay (but it's too far from my location) now for around that price that is all fixed up, hence I'm looking for something similar. And especially in this economy, I'm sure there are many existed. Please PM me if you have something. A little bit above $20K is fine. Also if you have a photo, that would be great too. I'm located in Upstate, NY and willing to drive up to 400miles to get the car. I prefer to see it and personally pick it up. Thank you so much in advance.