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WTB: Lotus Exige S - or trade??

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Looking for very low mileage 07 Exige S, touring, track, LSD, in Phantom Black, Storm Titanium or Graphite Gray. Will consider private trades (no dealers) for a nicely restored 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS.

Cash, no finance, no hassle, professional. No price bashing from me, but need to very competitive. The market is what it is.

Details on Ferrari provided to serious interests.
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Pics and Location might help you.......there are a lot of F car fans here.... ( I LOVE the 308's ! They look like REAL Ferraris ! )
Updated original post, per suggestion (thanks). Also wanted to add that I would also consider a 2006 Exige NA, given the interesting SC options out there.

Or...if you're not a Ferrari person, would consider trading an immaculate 2003 Ducati 999 (yellow).
Updating to include graphite grey as an equal color choice to black.
2006 Lotus Exige Graphite Gray
Touring Pack

13,000 miles
leather interior
never tracked
star shield
Lotus installed performance ECU
Limited Slip
Excellent Condition
$38,000 OBO
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you might want to consider mine:

the price is stellar, the car is immaculate, the mileage is very low and it is VERY well optioned. Looking to sell quickly with a hassle-free buyer. I can extend you my wholesale price on shipping.
OK, some pics

Just a bump with pix of my Ferrari. Still looking for an Exige S, trade or no trade. Also adding Storm Titanium to my color list preferences.


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PM sent regarding a Graphite Gray S240.

Ed Sanson


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The 308 looks good in the pictures but man, those are some giant tires (height wise).
The 308 looks good in the pictures but man, those are some giant tires (height wise).
Well, a couple of things, I have a wide angle lens that distorts things a bit, particularly in the first shot that I presume you noticed. However, these are period correct tires on original wheels. Only us old guys remember that look....

Thanks for checking it out!
Yeah, the Maserati Bora / Merak had the same type of tires...
308tr6, I have an 08 Silver Exige, pm if interested
Original post has been edited to reflect only a consideration for a 2007 Exige S in Black, Storm Ti, or Graphite.

Also, no dealer trades considered, private parties only.

Still interested, Ferrari is finished and a great drive.


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Consider a 08 club racer w/ 3400 miles?

Let me know.
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