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For 2005 Elise -- ~35k mi. I have at least one dead shock and would like to upgrade from the stock units. the car is auto-x'd OCCASIONALLY, but mostly street driven. I'd also like to do an OCCASIONAL Track day. I don't need an exotic(read "expensive") shock set up, but I felt an upgrade was in order since replacement is necessary.

I would prefer a set of "as new" lightly used(although I'd consider any) Lotus Track Pack shocks and springs from '05-'09 Elise(I think they are interchangable). The TRACK PACK variable rate springs seem desirable as the beginning rates are less than stock(= softer ride) and the high rate is equal to the Sport Pack springs which some find too stiff for street use.

Does anyone have experience with the Track Pack set up? At this point, I'm just speculating and would appreciate and advice that you Elise Guru's can offer.

Thanks in advance.
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