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I'm looking for a set of LSS wheels to replace my base wheel goodness (or as Tim likes to call them, "Touring Wheels"). I'm really leaning towards the silver painted version. From what I've been told, the anodized version is far to delicate for my ham-handed-ness. I like the black, but I fear making my SY too bumblebee-ish. I think LBH's chrome black wheels look amazing, but I think will be too bling for my lowly 05SY.

I know some of you guys have them sitting in your garage, because you are rocking RAC (which are awesome), or some other bit of goodness. As long as they are round (think like Patricko's head) and not lumpy (like Serebo's midsection), then I'm sure they'll find a good home on my car.

Bonus points for A048 love left on the wheels. :) Willing to trade cash and/or bits off a certain flat black travesty-mobile.
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