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WTB: Radio A/C Bezel

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Looking for the plastic fascia bezel that houses the frog eye ac vents and radio

Condition doesn't matter as long as it's whole. I'm going to use it for a project to create a custom mold thingie.

It's part #9 in this diagram:

PM if you have one laying around
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Yes, I'm interested in the part, but I think your pricing is way off.

I was quoted $46 for it - new. It's $44 and change when you convert pounds to dollars.

DeRoure Ltd - The most comprehensive Lotus parts site on the web. - Part Information.

Send me some pictures and the condition of the piece. If the pricing comes in line, I'll take, but not at $20 more than new.

Others - anyone have one laying around? Again, don't care about condition - it will be used for some custom fab.

Cmon, Tesla/custom guys - you gotta have your extra one laying around that you can sell to me!
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