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Not going into details online, but left rear found its way into a curb on a parking lot and now I'm looking for a few parts to put the girl back together.

I already have a set of wheels coming to replace the two bent ones. Yeah, the front went scrunch too, but the wheel was the only victim up there.

I also have already placed an order for new nuts and bolts, camber plates, lug bolts, and all the other little stuff that bent or broke in the hit.

I have found a few places for new brake rotors and suspension parts, but was hoping I could find a company or a person who is selling replacement quality used stuff instead.

I found a site called lotus recycling . com and I have them looking for me, but I don't know them or what they will be able to find.

Any suggestions are appreciated greatly.

Parts needed:

Left rear, Lower wishbone assembly with both bushings, and the ball joint.

Left rear, brake rotor.

Once I get her rolling again, I'll start thinking about the fiberglass and paint work... One step at a time. :wallbang:
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