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I need to get hold of the parts listed below. If anyone has any of these parts that they wish to sell, or even a lead to someone parting out an Elise, please contact me via PM or e-mail. Thanks.

Front suspension:
  • Wishbone Assembly, upper, RH (A117C0030J)
  • Wishbone Assembly, lower, RH (A117C0034J)
Rear suspension:
  • Hub Carrier, RH (A116D0096F)
  • Hub/Bearing Assembly, with wheel speed sensor (A117D6005F)
  • Wishbone Assembly, lower, RH (C116D0080J)
  • Wishbone Assembly, upper, RH (B116D0084J)
  • Bracket, lower wishbone to chassis, RH (D120D0024F)
Drive Shaft Assembly, RH (A120D0018F)
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