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WTB: Supercharger UNINSTALL parts

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I'm removing the supercharger from my Elise, and need all of the original parts that were replaced or simply discarded as part of the supercharger install.

For those that went K motor, or have supercharged your car.. I want your scraps!!!

3: injector harness cover

1: Alternator engine harness bracket
2: engine mount bracket (passenger side, between the mount and the engine)
4: intake manifold bracket (looks kinda like a triangle)
5: Purge valve bracket (looks like an L)
6: foam block from under inlet manifold
7: Breather pipe (or also called oil vent tube)
8: dipstick tube
9: purge pipes(2)
10: fuel tank to charcoal canister pipe
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Bought a car with a Katana SC with (allegedly )all the parts removed ..
Things are sitting in my garage but have not been sorted out,
I was going to keep it just incase i cannot pass CA smog.
well, I just passed my smog..
Give me a PM if interested.
I can start doing and inventory.
What king of SC are removing.

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I have items #2-8 on your list. I might have #1, 9 and 10 if you know what they look like for sure.

Also have OEM fuel injectors, spark plugs, coil pack cover spacers, belt, intake manifold, OEM nuts and bolts, lots of hoses, Green air filter, and OEM airbox.

See pics.

PM if you need more info.
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