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WTB Team Dynamics 1.2 F/R 16x7/17x8

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I had some wheels on order that are gonna be quite a while getting here, I like the look of these wheels enough to discount the weight issue they I thought I'd float this WTB and see if anyone will want to part with theirs before I order new.

in LA cash in hand :-D
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BUMP..I just know someone is upgrading to the 1.4 cup don't need your old 1.2s they are ugly old and want to sell me.....CHEAP :-D

COME ON..I know as soon as I buy new there will be a used set :-D
I have a set of Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 wheels,16/17's, anthracite, sitting in boxes right now, in San Diego. I can bring them up to LA. The rear passenger side is not 100% round and needed to be repaired: over accelerated during a turn on a wet road, slid, and bumped the curb. You can have the set for $400, local pickup.

Team Dynamics...

now with Rota Slipstreams...

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Do the wheels come with your side skirts? :-D

Do you have any better pics of the color? I'd need to do some research to see what it would cost to repair that one, I have NO idea. I'm open to the possibility I just don't have the info....
Sideskirts will cost you extra...:)

Anthracite is pretty much dark charcoal color:

Team Dynamics Racing

Here's mine before (I put on the red pinstripe tape around the wheels which since have been removed)

It should not cost more than $100 for the repair - I didn't fix it because I was keeping them for future track use. However, I could have it repaired for you if you're serious about buying them: the price will be higher though.
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