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Hey guys, I'm looking to get rid of my 2005 S2000 and pick up a Lotus Elise/Exige. Of course I'm willing to throw money on top as part of the deal lol.

I am currently the 2nd owner of this car. First owner was a very nice old man who didn't do anything to the car, but drive it to work and home. Car currently have about 133k miles and majority of that is from interstate due to the fact that I commute 1 hour away to and from the University. Theres NOTHING wrong with the car and runs strong! I can guarantee you that 100%. Car is garage kept and is wash/wax daily!

Car was involved in a accident on the way to a big car meet and I just happened to be the one out of all my friends to get struck. Just a little dent in my quarter panel and curb rash on my rims (stocks at the time, I have new ones). The person did not have insurance so I had to take care of it on mine thus it was put on record that I was involved in accident.

Pictures of incident:

Anyways, back to topic. Here is the list of everything I have done to the car.

Details: 2005 AP2 S2000 - Silverstone Metallic

OEM front lip
OEM trunk spoiler
OEM CR Shift knob
5K DDM Tuning HIDs
AP2 Foglights
Spoon testpipe
Spoon N1 single exhaust
ACT Stage 2 Clutch
K&N Intake
AUT CF Cooling plate (Combo w/ K&N)
Password JDM Radiator Stay
Skunk2 Springs
USA Spec Ipod adapter
Buddy Club Voltage Stablizer
Upgraded Subs

Misc stuff:
Hardwired & Hidden Valentine V1 Radar
Camera mount for Iphones behind driver to record video
Have a brand new set of Muteki Neo chrome lugs in the trunk.
New soft top (Last one was slashed)

Volks Racing GTU-S (Discontinued)
Front:17x8 +35 (215/45/17 Star spec tires)
Rear: 17x9 +35 (245/40/17 Star spec tires)
Fenders are rolled to fit the wheels above.

Oil changed with Mobil1 every 3-4k miles
Tranny Fluid (OEM Honda) changed every 15k miles
Diff Fluid (Amsoil) changed every 15k miles


When I still had my stock rims:

All pictures above was taken on my iPhone so please excuse me if its all crappy and blurry. Not exactly the best photographer lol. Let me know if you need any more details or pictures. I would be glad to answer! Thanks :]

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Ahhh didn't mean to post it here, can some mod move this over to the other section please? thanks!

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Not to burst your bubble, but I had my 2005 S2000 posted her for almost a year with zero interest. Ended up trading it in at local dealer. Good luck none the less!

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I want want to know the name of the guy who talked all the s2k owners into massively over servicing their gearbox and diff oil. It's amazing how one OCD forum member can take a "severe service" recommendation, and an army of owners are changing fluids that are considered lifetime fluids otherwise. I think your car looks really nice, but you'll get more money for it by returning it to stock height and with stock rims (sell the aftermarkets separately to help replace your rashes ones. It looks like it's driven hard, and that will eliminate a lot of potential buyers. Good luck. I hope you buy a Lotus, and it the 7500 mile oil services on the motor leave you feeling too bored, you're welcome to come work on some of my cars!

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On one of the S2K forums was a great contributor. "Road Rage" was a professional tribologist, and tried his best to help educate us on what was good, bad or didn't matter. The thing I loved, and didn't understand without many searches on Google, is he would not only say "Do This" but would tell, and show the data, why he thought that way. Think of him as Blackstone labs who actually understood what the printout said.

Thanks to Road Rage and the Oil Journals - S2KI Honda S2000 Forums

Unfortunately he got fed up and stopped contributing because he got tired of people challenging his recommendations without having the scientific data to back up their statement. ("Road Rage": I recommend Brand X oil with this rating and here are the readings why.... "Pimply Faced Kid": Well I have been using Brand Y and can FEEL how much more power it produces/smoother the engine runs)

I trusted his input to the extent that when I had an S2000 I simply used what he used and changed it when he said to change it.

Enough talk. Its been two weeks, and darn near 50 miles, sense my last tranny fluid change so I guess its overdue. Off to the garage.
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