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looking for a trade plus some cash on my end

I've got a carbon black on cinn M3 and I'm looking for an elise
the car basically has every bolt on except for the csl air box and cams.
previous owner did not do the rod recall and blew the motor which resulted in a full built motor about 35k miles ago. I have receipts for EVERYTHING in the build. normal wear and tear on the driver seat but no cracks or anything. passenger seat is in great shape and looks like no one has ever sat in the back. car runs great and pulls harder than all my other M3 buddies. It was my dream car but so is the elise which is why I'm interested in trading.

mods I have done:
subframe re-enfroced kit from Turner motor sports and entire rear end refreshed including ALL bushings replaced with AKG 75D bushings. (e46 M3s have a huge problem with subframe cracking which you wont have to worry about)
cat-less headers
evolve tune R (about to switch to epic tune)
koni yellows with S-tech springs
oem rear 18s all around with tire size: 275R/255F
CSL carbon fiber trunk
K&N intake with ECIS filter
all pulleys and tensioners

parts/services done about 30k miles ago--I have receipts for EVERYTHING--:
Tie Rod Assembly (Left)
Tie Rod Assembly (Right)
Front Lower Control Arm (Right)
Front Lower Control Arm (Left)
E46 M3 Lower Control Arm Bushing w/Retainer (Left)
E46 M3 Lower Control Arm Bushing w/Retainer (Right)
Remove and Replace Lower Control Arms W/Bushings
(front) and Tie Rod Assemblies
motor mounts
rear trailing arm bushings
S54 Complete Basic Bottom End Machine Service
Vat/clean block
Magnaflux block
Hone and true cylinders
Align and hone main bores
True deck block
S54 Forged H Beam Connecting Rods W/ARP Bolts
ENTIRE cooling system

I will post pictures by the end of this weekend.
thanks for looking

if you have any questions or offers you can email me at: [email protected]
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