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WTT: My 06 Exige (BWR SC) for Caterham/Seven

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I have been thinking some time about trading my 2006 Polar Blue Exige (with a BWR SC with Charlie's tune) for a Caterham/Seven. Probably is a better place to post this, but wanted to see what might be lurking out here first.

Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss further and get the specifics on my car.
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Bump! Have had a little interest, but it looks like I may need to sell it rather than trade it to get into a caterham. I will post a formal for sale ad in a day or two, but PM me if you are interested:

2006 Polar Blue Exige
8,6xx miles
Track Pack (including harness bar)
R888 tires with about 50% tread left
Stage II exhaust
All records and manual

Rear Panel delete (have all the parts if you wanted to put it back on)
BWR SC with Charlie Tune
Painted polar blue engine cover, center console, and A/C surround
Lowered slightly and corner balanced (this was done pre SC, so it
probably needs a slight adjustment. I have the spec sheet if you want
to see)
Shifter reinforcer
Sys pack (installed on driver side; have parts for passenger side;
ready for 5/6 point harness to be installed)
Painted orange calipers
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Think you may have just missed your opportunity, there was a guy in the forum that was looking to trade a Cat for an Elise, but I think he just sold the car
Saw that. Looks like he decided against the Elise though (DB6, right?).

I posted up on my ad this morning as well.
Bump for the stainless steel brake lines that I forgot to mention.

Also, this car is officially for sale now. I will post an official ad when the weather clears up enough to take some pictures, but the price is $39k.
Still looking for a Caterham? I have something similar.

I plan to publicly advertise the car for sale in the middle of June, but saw your ad expressing an interest in a Caterham.

2003 Superformance S1 Ford Focus 2.0 engine, 5 speed Ford T9 gearbox. 7400 miles. Excellent condition. Everything works and works well. Webcon fuel injection.

Aluminum body, fiderglass fenders and nose.

Build manual included. The manual includes part numbers, wire diagram and tuning information.

Has roof and side windows

Has optional 16” wheels, quick release steering wheel and Superformance custom headers.

$24,000 but will be lower by Fall 2009. I decided to buy a more conventional sports car. Maybe a used S2000, Z4 or Corvette.

Pictures available here S1 Superformance for sale - S1
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That's a damn good-looking car sir!
The car sold a few days ago via eBay.
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