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Called my Dealer (Lotus Motorsports of New England) yesterday. I have purposely damped all emotion on this car, only visited this site once or twice a day, etc., since the wait of a year has been killing me, and was hoping for Spring next year at the very earliest. Patrick was as usual great to deal with and figured I would be in the next batch or so of orders, so late Spring... and did I know what I wanted?. What kind of question is that? heheheh. After having agonized over every available combo for a year, I had decided on ST, red touring, no LSS, hardtop (New england seems to require that in the winter) and the Star shield... He rustled a few papers and asked conversationally if I liked the dark Nightfall Blue with biscuit touring, everything else as requested... someone had just called to cancel an existing order.

Having dithered and narrowed original choices to ST with red, or NB, RG and BdxRed, all with biscuit, I figured why not go for my first silver car and red interior, even if my favorite combo on previous two seaters has always been dark blue w/ biscuit... it tends to be more discrete (as if the Elise can be discrete) and gives it a nice understated and classic look. I have always prefered "stealth", along the adage of underpromise and overdeliver (e.g. bought an early z3 1.9 and with a nice Eaton blower, lots of new transmission and suspension bits over 3 years, managed to have it nearly as fast as the M version while retaining nearly all of the nimble and light feel that I prefer on the 4cyl compared to the 6 cs.)

Anyway, you can imagine my answer, despite expecting the worst in terms of markup.

All the pent up anxiety, frustration, and boredom went out the window when Patrick said well, it's yours, and it will be at MSRP. Sadly, I have been grinning like an idiot since, and can't stop hopping up and down periodically in glee. I have never had a car or even house get me this excited. Wheeeeeeeeeeee! An entirely unexpected, and entirely pleasant (no markup) surprise!

Not that there was ever any doubt that I would have taken the new baby to them for servicing, etc, and I have been consistently happy in dealing with this dealership so far. They had been honest in information flow and timing. But they have just cemented my loyalty with that simple word - msrp. With all the hype we have been seeing, ebay, various dealers doing "interesting" things, etc, it was a huge plus in confidence for working with these guys on future cars (Aston Martins, etc.)
Ethics matter more in the long run to me, and they've just recruited one huge fan.

That said, I may actually get the thing in December (expected, but we all know what that may mean, hehehe), so I have at least several more weeks of beaming like a idiot before the real fun kicks in. So, from being a forlorn # with damped expectations, I am now a proud expectant dad. Woo hooo! (Yep, just sent away for brighter bulbs, shower cap, vanity plates, etc... )

The waiting sucked... but having driven one of these in Europe.... damn was it worth it!
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