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Just curious on what color temperature comes stock with xenon equipped cars and does anybody know the bulb type/size? thanks in advance.

My Federal N/A 2010 owners manual only says:


Headlamp Unlts

HID Xenon Headlamps: On cars fitted with High lniensity Discharge (HlD) headlamp assemblies, the light sources utilise a plasma discharge arc between two electrodes in a xenon gas envelope to provide a blue-white light for optimal illumination of the roadway. Each headlamp unit uses a DlS electronic igniter/ burner unit (equivalent to the bulb), mounted in a specially coated alloy reflector, ahead of which is fixed a glass aspheric lens. A ballast unit outputs around 20,000 volts to the bumer, although the power consumption is only 35 Watts.
D1S Bulb, 35 watts. The manual does not specify the color temperature, it only says "a blue-white light."

I assume the manual is not specific so they they are free to change suppliers (and so, the color temperature of the bulbs) at will. You'll probably have to match the brand you already have.

I always change both bulbs at the same time, so it's no problem for me. I'm not particular about the color of my headlamp beam.

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