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doma said:
I hit the breaks yesterday and something came flying out from under the passenger seat and pinballed around inside the footweel. It was my defroster knob!

The dealer had told me that it was broken and lost and that they would order a new one for me and send it ... but they never sent a replacement. So, I've been nearly cutting my fingers torquing the defroster post by hand.

It was 100% aluminum and reattached with a small allen wrench.


Not a very exciting thread, I know, but ... yeay! My car is whole again.
This proves that 'CC' is
allowed to do minor miracles here on earth, providing they are restricted to
Lotus cars. Be thankful that he didn't
decide to hit you in the head with the knob. Had you not realized its appearance on the scene, I am sure he would have 'beaned' you with it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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