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A couple of days ago I saw a yellow Elise heading south on Hwy 20 out of Anacortes near the Oak Harbour turnoff. I was going the other way and couldn't flash or toot in time - Anyway, looks a bit stupid when an SUV toots at an Elise !!
Then tonight my sister heading home from Mt Vernon towards Anacortes saw what might have been the same car (or was it an Exige with the roof panel off ?), and spoke to the driver, and he knew my name and the tale of my 2012 trip. -eek-
Anyone on here ????
Heading down to Seattle tomorrow to visit with ELC, then going to Lemay museum on Saturday morning. Then back to Anacortes Sat afternoon. My right hand drive Toyota Landcruiser has Queensland Lotus badges on the rear window, and also has "Lotus" mud flaps, and lots of stickers all over it, so is fairly distinctive if you see me !! Heading north to Alaska next week to do the roads that I couldn't do in my Elise in 2012 - Namely the rest of the Dalton, and the Dempster up to Inuvik !


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