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Hey guys, I new to this forum buy have been active in the car community for years. I've been using Lotustalk since I picked up my Elise a couple months ago and its been a fantastic resource for DIY and general info. I say this because I used the search option and went through just about every AC thread on here but didn't seem to find anyone with a similar issue.

So about a month ago I had my AC charged as it wasn't blowing cold when I got the car. The AC worked for about a day and then went cool and then to warm after another day. So okay I have a leak. I then took it to my local Lotus dealer to check on recalls and they did a few service items for me. I asked them to take a look at the AC as well. The first shop did add dye to the system. The dealer couldn't find any obvious leaks so they charged it and added more dye themselves to make sure there was enough. They then had the car for a few additional days as they did some other service work.

The AC then went warm again. This time they checked everywhere including the famous hard sill lines with a stethoscope and could not find any leaks anywhere. They did not go as far as to remove the front clam but did give it a thorough look through with out any luck. I didn't have them go much deeper than this. They were a bit curious themselves but I needed the car back and wasn't sure how much I wanted them to dive into this as they're labor rate/vs an independent shop is a pretty big swing.

So I come to you guys. Has anyone had a similar issue. Is there something were missing. I've read about the condenser but there doesn't seem to be anything there for leaks.

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