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looking at maybe 17x7 front and 17x8.25 rear...
I think that 's way too big on the front. I'd go 16 x 7 front and 17 x 8.25 rear.

My concern would be getting the correct offsets.

I'd like to go with 17X8 up front and 17X10 or even 18X10 in the back... I just couldn't find any that are forged and light enough. There is no reason for the wheel to be heavier than 10-lbs on a Lotus...that is my target weight. I would buckle for 12-lbs but not for 13-lbs.
Whoah - that much tyre is way to much for an Elise... it would only make any sense if the OP was adding significant power.

sorry if it seems like i am asking stupid questions...
The only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask :)
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