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I think it would be a very good idea to add a little more protection and piece of mind against theft of your new Elise, than what comes on the vehicle from the factory.
As we all know the "Elise" is a very special vehicle and unlike most other vehicles out there when it comes to vehicle theft. By this I mean that if say your new BMW or Benz is stolen, you will be upset and psychologically devistated for a short while, however you can get a replacement vehicle the next week. If your Elise is stolen you will have to wait many months and maybe years before you get a replacement.
Has anyone thought about getting some kind of vehicle tracking installed in their cars??? I currently have a system called "Boomerang" in my Subaru STI and it gives me a little piece of mind. The funny thing is that I saw on the news the other night that the Subaru WRX's are the most stolen vehicle per capita.
When the Elise shows up I am going to install the Boomerang tracking unit and an additional device from Compustar. It is a long range pager unit (range over 1 mile) that comes with a key fob LCD that lets you know where the break in occurs.
We all know that most alarms are useless, are constantly going off in parking lots, and these days nobody pays attention to them any more. Thats why a pager unit is great because it lets you know that someone is messing with your car.
Something to think about. I would really hate to have to wait another year for a replacement.
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